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Middle Eastern people have greatly suffered from war and terror in  recent years. The human cost of the wars in Syria and Iraq is  staggering. According to UNHCR’s mandate, the Syrian war has produced  the world’s single largest refugee crisis in almost a quarter of a  century. According to the United Nations October 2015 figures, there are  4,180,000 registered refugees; 6,500,000 internally displaced; over  250,000 killed and over 1,000,000 injured. 

In addition to the casualties of the Syrian war, the Iraqi crisis offers  another bleak situation. According to UNHCR’s June 2015 report, there  are 3,600,000 displaced Iraqi, in which 2,600,000 were displaced in 2014  alone. As brothers and sisters of a single human race, we, who are more  fortunate, are urged to extend our helping hand to those whose lives  have turned into a battle for basic human rights and survival. 

ECWA strives to collaborate with members of the community to extend this  helping hand to the most vulnerable of refugees resettling in  Australia. 


ECWA is committed to promoting Universal principles of Justice, Dignity,  Advocacy and Respect towards all human beings as embodied by the  Australian nation. It values cultural diversity, integrity, accountability, transparency, excellence and encourages integration. 


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